Are you a good listener?

You’re interested by becoming a volunteer at Tel-Aide? Test your skills! Take a moment to complete the following quiz.

    • I like listening to others.
    • My way of listening doesn’t change according to gender and age.
    • I enjoy listening to my friends and family as much as people I don’t know.
    • I can stay objective whether or not I like the person or their ideas.
    • I don’t hesitate to ask for further explanations when I’m unsure of the meaning of something.
    • During a conversation, I invite the person to confide herself in me by demonstrating my interest.
    • Even if I already know the story, I still listen to a person.
    • I am able to provide my full attention when listening to someone.
    • Vocabulary or the way someone expresses himself doesn’t affect the way I listen to them.
    • I tend to reserve judgement on someone’s ideas only when they are finished speaking.
    • I am able to reflect back what a person has said to ensure that I have understood the situation correctly.
    • I let someone express himself fully and freely.

This questionnaire has been inspired by the Toronto Distress Center.