Phonothon 2018 Fundraiser


My name is Marc-André, executive director since January. My beginnings at Tel-Aide date back to March 2016 as coordinator, and I feel honored to be able to address myself to you for the first time. I am extremely proud to know that every person who calls us can count on an entire team of individuals who support our mission. You are a member of this great family of individuals. 

Thanks to your donation, thousands of people have the opportunity to be greeted by our devoted volunteer listeners who offer empathetic listening with warmth and respect. I know that being listened to is a fundamental need; being given the gift of listening allows us to feel valued and gives us the ability to move forward. Tel-Aide has responded to this need seven days a week, 365 days a year, for over 47 years.

This year we had a very gracious surprise which really moved me: a letter thanking the whole team at Tel-Aide. The author had lived through solitude, illness, divorce, and financial difficulties, all while raising her children alone. Calling Tel-Aide has given her the comfort and strength to carry on. She is able to provide love to her family and live fully in the present moment. She wishes Tel-Aide a long and prosperous life.

Like this woman, our biggest hope is to continue to be present for our callers, and we greatly need your support to be able to do so.

This is why we are asking you to contribute to our annual fundraiser, the Phonothon, in collaboration with belairdirect, our partner for the last 17 years. Our objective is to raise $70,000.

Last year, we increased our hours of availability and answered over 24 500 calls. Your generosity will allow a greater number of people to have free access to our listening service while helping fulfill the universal need to be heard. This is why we are offering you one of Tel-Aide’s cards, for you or a loved one.

Can we count on a donation from you this year? Help us be able to answer all callers in need of an empathetic, warm, respectful, and quality listening service.

To make a donation immediately, simply go directly to

On behalf of our callers, we thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

Marc-André Normandin, Executive Director