Strained Relationships

“What a puzzle, human relations! These days, I seem to have problems with everyone; I feel people are constantly walking all over me. My ex-wife, my daughter, my neighbour, and when I try to talk to them, all I get is a load of abuse… We definitely don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes, I’d like to cut off all contact with them, my life would be so much easier. But I know I should rather seek help and try to understand things more clearly…”
Samuel, 64 years old

Living with other people: a human challenge

It’s not always easy to live in harmony with others. A myriad of factors influence daily human relations and communication:
• the personality of individuals
• each person’s strengths and limitations
• circumstances of life
• expectations toward other people
• harm from childhood and later in life
• anxiety about the future
• work-related stress

Learning to live with others is a lifelong endeavour. Human relations are in constant evolution.

Regain control on your life

In order to see things more clearly in strained relations, it’s always best to talk about a situation and not curl up in isolation.

Tel-Aide’s active-listening line, available 24 hours and 7 days a week, offers a listening ear, in total anonymity and confidentiality.

Afterward, it’s always recommended to seek help from one of many specialized resources in Montreal and the surrounding area.

Strained relations with others?

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