Listening to…

”We must truly listen to others without trying to make them feel good” – Anonymous

Our Approach

The approach adopted by Tel-Aide volunteers is inspired by the principles of American psychotherapist Carl Rogers (1902-1987), whose key concepts are: respect, empathy and authenticity.

Active Listening is a technique to concentrate on the person in distress. This approach is non-directive: our listeners do not act to intervene* or counsel, and they do not propose solutions. Through this process, callers are aided to consider their feelings and to identify their own answers. Essentially, Tel-Aide listeners try to support callers to take charge and achieve a healthier balance in their lives.

As callers explore their emotions in a self-directed manner, they may:

• Defuse a crisis
• Express themselves without judgment
• Begin to reflect beyond their crisis
• Find hope
• Move toward solutions that suit their lives
• Receive help if a life is in danger

Our Active Listening Training

Tel-Aide’s volunteers receive 30 hours of theoretical training in active listening, followed by 12 hours of supervised listening, at our call centre, with an experienced listener. Formal training, continuing education, interactive meetings, and organizational committees support listeners to maintain skills and provide tools to ensure a rewarding volunteer experience.