Become a volunteer

Learn the art of active listening

Are you looking for a way to pay back to society some of what you have received from it? Perhaps in a way that gives you the feeling of making a difference to people’s lives? Tel-Aide offers you such an opportunity when you become a volunteer listener, and help to respond to the ever growing needs of the Greater Montreal population.

Active listening can be learned! At Tel-Aide you will learn how to listen with empathy to those who need to talk. They will find someone – like you – at the other end of the line!
And, you will discover how your presence as a listener will make a difference.

The callers come from all backgrounds and age-groups. They call at all hours of the day and night, and they appreciate talking to someone like themselves – like you! Without posing as an expert, you will listen to them with empathy and compassion, thus relieving their sense of loneliness and distress and their feeling of being trapped by their problems.

What do we offer you in working for Tel-Aide?

• A highly recommended and free training of 21 hours of classroom training followed by 24 hours of practical training (3 supported listening shifts of 4 hours each and 3 solo listening shifts of 4 hours each);

• Further education activities – such as meetings with other listeners, workshops, and seminars – which will give you the opportunity to share your experience of listening, and improve your listening skills;

• A secure calling center located downtown Montreal close to public transport. Our premises are also accessible to people with reduced mobility.


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